Ok, I'll admit it. My skepticism of psychics and mediums is large. So when we agreed to chat with Maureen Hancock to help promote her appearance at The Music Hall in Portsmouth on August 9th, I wasn't expecting what unfolded during this phone interview.

Maureen had graciously offered to do some readings for our listeners, and Laura was chosen at the last minute. As you'll hear, they weren't able to talk directly to another, and in fact caller Laura couldn't hear what Maureen was saying.

(Fast forward to 1:40 to hear my mind begin to blow)

Maureen was pretty much correct with the "vibes" (not sure of the correct term) that she was receiving, and since I was acting as a go-between, I must admit being impressed with the accuracy in the details of Laura's reading. I must admit my mind is a tad more open today.