In my opinion, The Shark Tank was under attack by a mischievous poltergeist yesterday afternoon. Three separate important pieces of technical equipment melted down, our coffee machine appeared to be opening, closing, coughing and gurgling while completely untouched, the bathroom door locked itself shut and a goldfinch repeatedly attacked our office windows. I was quoting this classic scene from 'Poltergeist' all day.

Fortunately for us, renowned spirit medium Maureen Hancock called in to The Shark Morning Show and assured us that this kind of thing happens all the time and that today everything will be completely back to normal. As of the publishing of this post, no further malevolent malfunctions have occurred.

Next Thursday morning at 8 AM, she'll be calling in again to do spiritual readings for a few lucky callers and as of right now, seats are still available for her August 9th appearance at The Music Hall of Portsmouth. Thanks Maureen!!