Some people might hear about a Halloween attraction with “no scares” nights and say, “What’s wrong with some people??”

But as someone who recalls the last two years of cable news, Kanye tweets and Red Sox games, I counter: “What’s wrong with you??”

Some of us just aren’t quite ready to be voluntarily scared, and as Mr. Rogers (and Stuart Smalley) would say, “That’s okay.”

Luckily for us, we have Lee, New Hampshire’s Haunted Overload. While designed primarily to provide terror for whoever needs it, the attraction actually offers Three Levels of Fear: Haunted Overload, Fright Night Lite, and the Day Haunt.

The last two are of note for those of us who are more Hubie Halloween than Freddy Krueger.

Fright Night Lite offers Halloween lighting and sound effects with no – that’s right, zero – monsters. Instead, you’ll meet friendly characters without anyone chasing you; an ideal family night out.

The Day Haunt, meanwhile, is an excellent, stress-free alternative to an anxiety-inducing corn maze. You get to walk the trails in the full light of day and view the props and sets used during the full-on Haunted Overload experience (in other words – a nice place to casually show someone: “See? There’s nothing to be scared of").

Haunted Overload, meanwhile, has twice been voted one of the top 13 haunted attractions in the country. And in 2014, it won ABC’s Great Halloween Fright Night. Some of its monsters are as tall as 34 feet (because even Haunted Overload draws the line at 35).

And most importantly, it’s prepared for New England’s fickle October weather, with shows going on regardless of rain, sleet, or snow.

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