Fall seems to be the go-to season for many New Englanders, despite the fact it seems to start on a new date every year. After three months of heat and humidity, people are ready to put away the sunscreen, turn off the air conditioning, and say, “Red Sox? Who are they?”

But as they say, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes, fall hits a bit too hard, bringing an early winter to the region. Don’t believe me? Here are the coldest October dates on record for every state in the region:

MAINE: October 12, 1994; 14 degrees.
Presque Isle came this close to hitting single digits with weeks to go before Halloween.

VERMONT: October 28, 1974; 19 degrees.
If history repeats, Ben & Jerry can just leave the doors to the plant open and call it a day.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Multiple Dates in 1976; -2 degrees.
The record low was set on Mount Washington. Despite my best efforts, I could not verify rumors that a couple hours away, The Old Man of the Mountain was wearing earmuffs.

MASSACHUSETTS: October 21, 1972; 16 degrees.
Chicopee Falls holds several “coldest October day” records in the Bay State, including an 18-degree day in 1988.

RHODE ISLAND: October 28, 1976; 19.9 degrees.
It’s a good thing Queen Elizabeth had already departed the region on America’s bicentennial (though in England, maybe this would qualify as a beach day).

CONNECTICUT: October 20, 1982; 9 degrees.
Yep, NINE. The official lowest recorded temperature for October in Connecticut. Crazily, it was reported not in a rural area, but right in the middle of Hartford. Even though the Whalers were on the road playing the Oilers, they could’ve easily hosted some penguins, according to ClimateSpy.com.

But October's a tricky month in New England. So as cold as it gets, don't close up those swimming pools just yet.

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