Ah, the blessing and the curse of living along the New England Seacoast: the entire year, the ocean’s right year. And yet, a trip to the beach can seem so far away.

Sure, we can look at it and trick ourselves into believing it’s a warm sunny day, but once October rolls around, that’s about the only option to those along the water or near the lakes of New England. Or is it?

Summer can linger all the way up to Halloween. So before your trick-or-treat M&M’s are melting down your doorstep, here are the warmest October days on record for every state in New England.

MAINE: October 1st, 1986; 85 degrees.
As if people in Vacationland weren’t already sweating it out over Maine native Stephen King’s just-released “It” (that is, if they made it through his collaboration with rival Richard Bachman), this was a rare autumn day when boots and scarves likely took a back seat at L.L. Bean.

VERMONT: October 11, 1949; 85 degrees.
Luckily, this day fell long before Ben & Jerry’s had to worry about their supplies melting into New Hampshire. Speaking of which, what about the Granite State?

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Multiple dates, 1947; 91 degrees.
Due to its worst forest fire season on record in the state, Granite Staters were thrown for an even bigger loop than they were during a Christmas Eve earthquake just a few years prior.

MASSACHUSETTS: October 12, 1954; 89 degrees.
Boston was one town that neared 90 on this October afternoon, and though I can’t prove it, I’m certain that at least one ice cream truck got stuck under an overpass on Storrow Drive.

RHODE ISLAND: October 23, 1979; 86 degrees.
The heat may have made locals think twice about hitting the highway up to Boston to check out the newest Celtic, but eventually, Larry Bird won them over (and may have welcomed a move further north).

CONNECTICUT: October 22, 1978; 91 degrees.
I bet Connecticut residents were thinking twice about those sweaters around their shoulders when the town of Windsor Locks broke 90, according to ClimateSpy.com.

So, don’t lose hope on one last beach day just yet. But in New England, you should always be ready to break out the parka.

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