There is nothing like the heat from a nice wood stove crackling away on a cold New England night. However WMUR's Ray Brewer is here to tell you that there's a lot of things to consider for proper wood storage.

Basically, it all comes down to infestation.

Locally chopped wood will tend to have a lot of ants, borers and earwigs in it so it's probably a good idea to dry your wood piles away from your house to prevent the bugs from getting in. The same goes for rodents.

Everybody that I know DOES store their wood in the basement for easy access to the wood stove. (I don't know anyone who trudges through 50 yards of snow to their wood pile) so it isn't feasible to keep your house 100% bug free.

Some of my fondest memories? Looking at all the winged crawly creatures that would meet their fate on my Gramp's basement bug zapper back in the 80's.

That was a very inventive 'last line of defense' that he used and it proved to be effective!

That's not likely going to be shown on any upcoming 'Grow It Green' episode!

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