Thanks to Service Credit Union, UNH Athletics and NH Food Bank, a donation of just $5 or five cans at your local Service Credit Union branch will 'net' you this great scarf. But hurry! Time is running out!

Train Images
Train Images

This promotion will end FRIDAY November 16th.

It occurred to me that we've been talking about this scarf for a couple of weeks and I've been bragging about mine throughout that time, YET, I've never actually showed the world how cool it is.

It's officially the coolest AND warmest thing that I own.

Another wonderfully peculiar thing about this scarf is that it's very good luck whenever I'm watching UNH sporting events. Every time I think to wear it mid-game, it's usually good for at least a 2 goal turnaround in hockey or a 3 touchdown rally in football.

Remember just FIVE BUCKS and it can be yours. Donate at any Service Credit Union between now and Friday!

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