After perusing the internet for all sorts of common cold remedies, I decided to brew up a lemon ginger tea with honey and review it, just in case you'd like to give it a try!

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I put about 6 cups of filtered water into the tea pot and set the burner on 6 while I sliced up one medium sized lemon into the thins slices that you see above.

I threw all those slices into the teapot and then put four small dosages of 'fresh ginger' from this weird tube of 'fresh ginger' that I found in the produce section.

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After boiling it for about ten minutes, I poured it into a large tea cup. I didn't strain it like most recipes say to do, and I also didn't add honey either.

Adding honey may have been a good idea.

The first two sips were pretty good as it tasted like hot lemonade. After that, it seemed like each sip became progressively more bitter. The last sip was a lot closer to lemon rinds than it was lemonade.

I will say that although the immediate effects were marginal at best, I do feel 10 times better today than I did yesterday. If those of you that think this tea is a miracle elixir want to say that it cured me, however, I'd have to disagree.

And if I ever try it again I MUST REMEMBER to take the honey out of the fridge the night before!