According to a report in the Laconia Daily Sun, The Salvation Army was the beneficiary of the annual turkey plunge in Opechee cove, but this year, it's been cancelled due to high levels of e-coli in the water.

The report goes on to say that the Salvation Army may have received $10,000 from the plunge for the homeless shelter and soup kitchen that they run.

The Salvation Army does so much good for so many people and they make it very easy to donate not only money, but no longer used items as well.  According their website, they can come pick up your stuff too!  I have done this before when I moved and I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to donate.  They came right over and hauled it away.

So the next time you go by that guy or girl ringing the bell, you might want to think about giving them a little more this season.  Not only for standing out in the cold for hours at a time, but for the money that was lost this year.

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