If I see an animal shelter has taken in a lost kitty, I'm gonna try to spread the word far and wide.  Although I am an animal lover in general, cats hold a special place in my heart.

According to the Upper Valley Human Society's Facebook page, his name is "sweet potato" for now and he's safe, however, looking very scared and lost.  Cats have a way of travelling a long distance, so even if you are not from the Upper Valley, you might recognize "Sweet Potato."

I've had many animals in my life, especially indoor cats and sometimes, they sneak out!  When they do, it really rips your heart out if you don't know where they have gone.  As a kitty owner, you wonder if they are hungry or cold or worse than that.... if a car hit them and you'll never see them again!  OH!

Luckily, for the owner of this sweet little thing, he's being cared for at the Upper Valley Humane Society and hopefully, his owners will see this post and go to claim him.

Cats are very sensitive and this little guy looks like he could use seeing his Mom & Dad.


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