According to an article in Foster's, 13 year old Preston Horton, an eighth grader at Somersworth Middle School wants to have a wall in Somersworth designated for graffiti.  A recent trip to Cambridge was his inspiration.

The article goes on to say Preston went in front of the City Council to ask for the wall on the side of Lucky Market in Somersworth Plaza to become a public art space for people to express themselves thru art.

Although graffiti has been illegal on most buildings, I've always appreciated the talent and the creativity it took to complete something that you might see on the side of a bridge.  How did they get there?  How did they not get caught?  If Preston's space is approved, all these long-time questions will be answered.  I'm, hopeful that there's no age limit for the graffiti wall because I've got a can of spray paint and a life-long desire to use it on a public space.

The Somerworth City Council will refer Preston's request to the Recreation Committee, the report states.

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