First, it was Cherry Coke and other flavored sodas. Now, there seems to be a Dr. Pepper pandemic. The company told its followers they are" working on it" in a tweet (below).

We know it’s harder to find Dr. Pepper these days. We’re working on it – hang tight!

Apparently, the shortage includes all the different flavors of Dr. Pepper, just like Coke and Pepsi are experiencing.

So, if you can't find your favorite flavored soda, blame the coronavirus. Not only is there an aluminum can famine as previously reported; but the New York Post attributes the problem to an increased demand for carbonated beverages and a shortage of another essential compound of fizzy drinks -- carbon dioxide.

After Dr. Pepper tweeted its acknowledgement of the soda's scarcity, Charmin chimed in with a message of support. "Welcome to the club. We feel your pain." Dr. Pepper responded with this gem: "TP and DP -- in this together."

Remember the classic Dr. Pepper commercial? The jingle was quite the earworm. Michael Jackson even sang a song about being a pepper.


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