Of the 10 New Hampshire counties, the one where I live and also work has the most troublesome statistics for active COVID-19 cases. Has anyone else noticed this?

Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

I know I'm not reading the numbers incorrectly, the State's website at COVID19.NH.gov could not be any easier to figure out.

Current Active Cases In Strafford County : 57

These are thirty more active cases than any other county in the state and twenty cases higher than Manchester NH which has it's own geographic segment on the map.

Last week's NH news cycle was heavily focused on Sullivan county and their 'substantial spread' status, but as of last night's update, their active cases are at twenty two and their seven day positivity rate is lower than Strafford county, registering at 2.6%.

I realize that population had a great deal to do with increased focus on our neighbors to the west as there are about 43,000 people that live there and Strafford County is three times that size (130,000 approx.)

Let me be clear, I'm not fear casting. New Hampshire has not only reached the light at the end of the tunnel, we're rocketing through it like a full speed freight train.

283 total active cases in a State of almost 1.4 million? Is wonderful compared to where we've been.

It's just with every 24 hour update, I keep expecting the numbers to drop to half of the day before and then half again the next day. And as far as Strafford County is concerned that just isn't happening.

Of course, once it does happen, it will probably all but vanish until October.

After the last 15 months I'm just so tired of waiting for it to do so.

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