Check this list if you are thinking about getting a cat or dog just to be on the safe side.

German Shepherd Dog and cat together

The study was done by a British Company, Co-op Insurance. They surveyed many veterinarians and asked what the names of the pets are that cost their owners the most in fees.



2. Alfie

3. Bella

4. Max

5. Ruby


1. Oscar

2. George

3. Charlie

4. Alfie

5. Felix


I don't like any of these names. In fact, I don't know any pets that have these names. Must be a U.K. thing.

Just food for thought. I suppose we'll have to wait for an American insurance company to do a similar study for the U.S.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of getting a new pet, please check out our friends at CVHS. I'm sure you'll find a wonderful new addition to your family there. Hopefully with a lucky name.



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