We don't know a lot about Tom Brady, Sr.  Some didn't even know that Tom Brady, Jr., a/k/a the Greatest Of All Time NFL Quarterback, was a Junior anything, but it's true.

Thomas Brady, Sr. is also Very Successful

Tom Brady, Sr. is an Insurance Salesman.  When Tom Brady, Jr. finally got drafted in the 199th pick, he said he was relieved that he didn't have to sell insurance, according to the ESPN film, the Brady 6.    

Thomas Brady, Sr. Started Selling Insurance in 1968

From his Company's website, Thomas Brady, Sr. started selling insurance for New England Life in 1968.  Years later, he started his own firm Thomas Brady & Associates. His firm is still going today serving both individual and corporate clients.

Thomas Brady, Sr. Has Other Kids

Thomas Brady, Jr. had four children, Maureen, Julie, Nancy and Tom, Jr., in that order.  (Yes, Thomas Brady, Jr. is the youngest, the only boy and has his Father's name.  He came out of his mother's womb with a Golden Light shining upon his head!)  Maureen, the oldest of the Brady siblings was a great softball player.  Julie, 2nd in line, was a soccer player for St. Mary's.  Nancy, who is one year older than her brother Tom, was also a softball player who got a scholarship to play for the University of California.  The whole clan was very athletic!

Thomas Brady, Sr. Thinks the Bucs Will Beat The Pats

If you missed it, yesterday Zolak & Bertrand spoke with Sr. about the upcoming Patriots vs. Bucs game coming up in October.

If you have some time this weekend, this movie about TB12 is highly recommended to watch with your favorite Patriots fan.

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