This morning, I posed a question to Shark Nation on Facebook:  Change the clocks twice a year, YES or NO.  The majority of people who responded said NO, but here were some that said why stop changing the clocks now.  Like Bill said,

Been changing them back and forth all my life. At 63 why change now."

Good point, Bill, but there are many people that disagree.  In fact, according to, more than half of us say just keep Daylight Saving Time for the whole year.  Here are the other responses from Shark Nation:

Lauren Hayes Nooooo
Jeff Marcotte I think we shouldn't change the clocks
Aimee Dion Nooooooo
Skip Walters Boo no
Bill Larkins Been changing them back and forth all my life. At 63 why change now.
Monica HB Hells, no.
Sherri Pulsipher No. I like daylight savings time. We are now on standard time and will be changing to daylight savings this weekend. I have been in Maine 5 years and I’m amazed that people don’t know the difference.
Andrea O'Leary Winslow No. I don't think we need to change the clocks anymore.
Colin Murphy Bring on Atlantic Standard Time and let’s stay there.
Raymonde Tremblay Rochette Nope!! Stick with one.
Conery I believe Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass, and Rhode Island should be reassigned to the Atlantic Time Zone
Ted White No, Pick one time and leave it.
Ammie Sisk No.  I need my daylight
Barbara Lent Yes why change things ?
Mike Hemeon Why are we doing it? The farmers have headlights on their farm equipment these days.

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