According to Amtrak Downeaster, you could travel from Maine to Boston for only $20!

Here's why: It is their 21st birthday, and they are celebrating those 21 years by offering an amazing discount.

Amtrak has carried more than 8.4 million riders since they began operating in 2001, according to the article.

The deal is for fares during January 2023.

According to WMTW, if you want the discounted rate you have to reserve it three days in advance.

The Amtrak website lists the promotional code for this celebration discount as v520.

They have been hosting more than 467,000 travelers in just the past 12 months, according to WMTW, and there's been such a variety in the type of people taking the trips.

The first station you can board in Maine is in Brunswick, and if you travel south from that route, you can get all the way to Boston, according to Amtrak's list of stations.

The site also states that it makes "five round-trips daily ... along a 143-mile corridor." So that's a lot of chances and places to go

According to the Bangor Daily News back in August 2022, there was even a proposal to have an Amtrak route from Montreal all the way to Boston. Imagine being able to head either to Massachusetts or Canada.

Would you want something like that to happen?

The Downeaster service didn't begin in Maine until 2001, according to, and that brought back passenger service to the state for the first time since 1965.

Hard to believe it's been 21 years!

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