Looks like Tara Reid is going to ride the Sharknado tidal wave to the very last drop.

What she originally speculated would be a career ending move has catapulted her to the ultimate celebrity status-quo insignia – her very own perfume line!

Probably most well known for her role as Vicki in American Pie, Reid has seen recent, if not somewhat shocking, success for her role in Syfy’s Sharknado movies. Sharknado 2: The Second One (major props to the creative mind behind naming this franchise) aired July 30 on the Syfy channel to a hefty 3.9 million viewers.

And what better way to further please Sharknado aficionados than to offer them an opportunity to smell like the deep sea monster?

But not really. Unless sharks have recently taken on “hints of violet, lemon, iced mint, jasmine, tuberose, and musk with a plethora of lavender,” it seems the perfume has more to do with Tara Reid than it does with its name – “Shark.”

So for those of you not keen on smelling like true Eau de Shark – with hints of salt, blood, mollusks, plankton, and squid with a plethora of seaweed – Reid’s $24.95 fragrance might just be your new scent identity.