What exactly does this picture on his Twitter account mean?

According to a report from WMUR, Tom posted this very mysterious black and white image of him standing in a tunnel at some football stadium.  Is it Gillette?  Is he walking IN, onto the field or is he walking OUT?  I've examined the picture and I can't tell.

You know what I think?  I think that Tom Brady is toying with us and he kinda likes it that way.  He didn't get to where he is by showing his cards every step of the way, now did he?  What kind of strategy player would he be if he did that?

There's no way that TB12 is going to leave New England.  He has, along with Bill Belichick, created a DYNASTY in Foxborough.  He can't walk away from that.  Tommy is a sensitive guy who wants to stay here.  Right where he should be...... Right?

The suspense is killing me though!  As soon as I find out, you'll find out.


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