The first charging stations for Tesla's much talked about vehicles were approved this week.

According to, Rochester's Planning Board overwhelmingly approved the installation of eight Tesla charging posts in front of Hannaford supermarket. They will be lined up just north of the parking lot's entrance.

It'll be a new feature for the city, and only will be useful to Tesla brand vehicles. According to, Tesla’s charging cabinets are proprietary, meaning only Tesla vehicles are able to use them.

As part of the project, a new overhead utility pole will be installed in the lot because, according to Eversource, it’s the only way to supply power to that portion of Hannaford’s lot.

The vote wasn't a complete slam-dunk. Before approving, voting member were concerned with snow removal. Presently, Hannaford currently uses the proposed site for snow storage. The board asked the applicant to file an updated snow removal plan with the city, that way the city has recourse should damage or injury result at the charging stations due to the lot’s winter maintenance.


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