There's nothing quite like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day. And the same could be said for watching funny beer commercials on a rainy day. Here is a collection of some of the best beer ads of all time. 

5. Bud Light - Dog Sitter

I can't even make it past the first 10-seconds without laughing. Seeing a Great Dane answering the door serving drinks just puts me on the floor. Also, dogs doing human things will forever hold a place in my heart.

4. Guinness - Evolution

A thought provoking commercial with a witty ending will always lead to a memorable ad. It may not be the hardest you'll laugh but it will leave you with a smile on your face. And a craving for tasty Guinness.

3. Heineken - Beer Closet

I had the same reaction when my friend installed a kegerator in his man-cave.

2. Keystone Light - Bluetooth

The face the woman with the bluetooth makes after the dude gets up all excited thinking he just got invited to her house is priceless. Total digust.

1. Bud Light - Swear Jar

The creme de la creme. Hands down the funniest beer commercial of all time (maybe even funniest commercial ever). Bleeping out swears is an easy way to get laughs. Now that I work in an office setting I can appreciate this commercial even more. Well done Bud Light.

Favorite part: Lady at the copier saying "poop" and then telling her coworker to stfu.