Thanks to the Thirsty Moose in Portsmouth and to everyone that came out to the Shark Bud Light Patriots Party yesterday.  The day started out perfectly as I was able to snag the parking space directly in front of the Thirsty Moose.  My good luck streak continued as a plate of wings was sent my way courtesy of Super Sales Rep Wendy.  The wings were actually for me and Intern Keith, but Intern Keith does not eat chicken wings.  Why you ask?  Well, I learned yesterday that Intern Keith does not eat meat off of the bone.  He eats meat, just not when bones are involved.  So, no chicken wings for him.  No problem, I ate them all.  Thirsty Moose wings are fantastic and come with four different dipping sauces.  BBQ, Hot, Ranch, and Blue Cheese.  As you can see, I enjoyed every sauce and all of the wings.

Fish Pic

I did get a little worried when the Vikings scored that first touchdown, but the Pats were able to turn it around and gave us a great game to watch at the party.  Pretty much a perfect day.  Great parking spot, great wings, great game, great party!  Thanks everyone, the next Shark Bud Light Patriots Party is at the Thirsty Moose in Dover on October 12th as the Pats face the Bills in Buffalo at 1pm.