Check out the sweet scarf I got for my pooch at Apple Harvest Day.  Great timing because the Bruins season starts Wednesday against the Flyers and my dog needed some B's gear.  Here is your 2014-2015 Boston Bruins preview.

First off, sad to see Johnny Boychuck gone.  Here is a stellar montage of some of Johnny 'Rockets' goals.  He will be missed.

As you know the Bruins season ended sourly against the Canadiens in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.  It was another epic seven game series with Montreal that left you feeling sick when the final whistle blew.

Well, it's time to forget all of that and focus on the new season.  This year it's about revenge.  Not many changes to the roster, Jarome Iginla left and Johnny Boychuck was dealt.  Boston still has the same core players and Tuuka Rask is still an elite goalie in the NHL.

I wouldn't count on the Bruins winning the President's Trophy again this year, but they'll be just fine.  I do worry about the wear and tear on players like Chara, Bergeron, Lucic, Krejci, and Marchand.  Those guys have logged a lot of minutes on the ice throughout their careers and they play a rugged, physical style of hockey.  It's starting to feel like the window is closing for this group, but it's not shut yet.  I believe the Bruins can win the Stanley Cup this year, but I won't say they will, I don't wanna jinx them, GO B's!

This video will get you ready for a season of revenge starring the Boston Bruins.