Well, you know what they say about weather in New England…

“What the hell is going on here??”

Just days after the Seacoast enjoyed summer-like temperatures and sunshine, temperatures fellow below freezing. Much like October, November has been all over the map weather-wise.

What’s interesting about October is how it seems to be the most unpredictable month in the region from a weather standpoint. In fact, if you go back through history, you can find some shockingly extreme temperatures at various points in history.

The warmest October days in New England aren’t as hard to fathom. It feels like we’ve all had a trip to the beach or a balmy Halloween.

The coldest October days are more jarring, however. In fact, one New England city had a cold day that remains nearly impossible to explain.

But when you think November, you think Thanksgiving. And as someone who grew up on the Seacoast, I realized Thanksgiving has been wildly inconsistent in terms of its weather.

I remembered Thanksgiving when I was in first grade – when we were hit with a snowstorm. I spent the afternoon outside playing in a giant snowbank instead of playing football.

Then there was another Thanksgiving in middle school that was so warm, my dad, sister and I were in the yard in short sleeves playing wiffleball all day like it was August.

I’d already researched the warmest November days in each New England state’s history (and, what a warm November can tell us about the upcoming winter.)

So, what are the coldest November days in each New England state’s history?

The Coldest November Days in Each New England State

According to Climate Spy and PlantMaps.

Warmest November Days in History for Each New England State

Based on information from Climate Spy and Info Please, here are the warmest dates on record for all six New England states.

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