Yesterday, my husband frantically called me in to his teaching room to see this beautiful owl just chillin' on a branch in a tree in our yard.  I immediately grabbed my phone to take a picture because I knew it was not a common sight.  This was a gift to see this beautiful bird.  After I took a couple pictures, I texted A-Train because I knew that he would freak out when I told him I saw this Owl.  He sent me the Wikipedia description of the Barred Owl to make sure I was actually looking at one.  Here's their description:

.....  (The Barred Owl)  has a pale face with dark rings around the eyes, a yellow beak and brown eyes...... The underparts are light with markings; the chest is barred horizontally while the belly is streaked vertically (hence the name "barred owl").

YES!  Although the pic doesn't really show the colors, that's exactly what this owl looked like.  "Ranger Train" was really excited about this owl as expressed in the following text:  (I'm the green....)



LOL!  "she ain't gottah cellaphone..."  Hahaha!  He's a gem, that A-Train.  Both he and his Ma said, "LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY!"

Here's a pic that I took outside of the owl, but I dare you to find it.  It's a master of disguise!


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