Wow, just like that, summer is over and so is my vacation.  I could not have chosen a better week.  The weather was perfect and we had a blast.  Our vacation started with a camping trip to Warren, New Hampshire.  We stayed at Scenic View Campground and we had a very remote site next to Baker River.  This was the first time our daughter camped with us and she loved it.  While in Warren, we decided to go for a hike and we found the Jesse E. Bushaw Memorial Trail.  We didn't hike the entire trail, but it was a nice walk with pretty scenery.  The trail head is located in the center of Warren, near the Historical Museum, and a school.  Oh yea and there is a giant rocket that sits there too, yup a rocket!  A Redstone Rocket.  So, after our camping trip we spent an afternoon at York's Wild Kingdom.  Apparently we chose a great day because all of the animals were active and we saw everything.  After the zoo, that was pretty much it besides relaxing, swimming, and my fantasy football draft, more on the draft later, looks like a repeat championship for me.

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