News of Rewa's death last week broke hearts all across New England. The white Bengal tiger was a fan favorite at York's Wild Kingdom in Maine. The zoo announced Rewa's passing with a picture of her on its Facebook page. Rewa was 15, and reportedly died due to "the natural progression of age."

Hundreds of people expressed their sympathy, and many shared pictures of Rewa, including Brianne Ellison of Nottingham, New Hampshire. Brianne is an owner and partner at Ellison Medical Billing, according to her Facebook page. We're not sure if she is also a professional photographer; but from the looks of the picture above, she should be. The photo shows Rewa sunning and playing in the water several years ago at York's Wild Kingdom. The beautiful tiger appears to be content. Her tail is curled up and her eyes are closed, making us believe that she was happy in her confined habitat, if only for a moment.

Pictures really do say a thousand words, so thank you Brianne for sharing your precious memory of Rewa. May she rest in peace.

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