My family really enjoys going to York's Wild Kingdom to explore the zoo area. We go every year. We just went last week and we had a blast!

I put together a very short video of our visit. It was a momentous occasion this year due to Harper's first ever pony ride, she was very excited and was able to get on and off the pony by herself. She's only 4 so I was quite impressed.

The video doesn't do our trip justice, I left a lot out.

When we were in the 'deer feeding' area we saw a little girl run from her grandfather into the deer enclosure and she headed straight for the poop and got right in it. One of the workers at York's Wild Kingdom quickly jumped the fence and retrieved the girl, she was unharmed but probably a bit stinky. If I can figure out how to blur faces in video, I'll post it. Hilarious!

All in all, another fantastic trip to York's Wild Kingdom!

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