My goodness, the poor Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was assaulted again this past weekend.  Someone broke a glass door at the museum early on Saturday morning, then fled on a bicycle, according to a story from  Nothing was stolen from the museum.

C'mon now.

A while ago, I went to my sister's house and she had a book on her kitchen table that said, "STOLEN."  It was from her recent trip to the Museum.  I saw that book and immediately STOLE it for myself.  I had to have it.  I am a little obsessed with the theft that happened at the Museum in 1990.  I have been heartbroken about it ever since I heard the news way back then.  I remember thinking how intrusive and just WRONG it was.

Quick synopsis of what happened on that day, according to Wiki and my memory of the news stories;  On March 18, 1990, two men dressed as Police Officers went to the Museum in the early morning hours.  Security let them in.  Couple of theories about Security.  They were two young men, 23 and 25 years old at the time.  Maybe it was bad judgement on their part or.... they were paid off to let the thieves in.

The imposters tied up the security officers and for an hour, went through the Museum, stealing artwork from Vermeer, Rembrandt, Manet, Degas and many other artists.  The total value was approximately 500 million dollars worth of art.  There were a couple pieces taken that were relatively value-less and other works of art that were more valuable than the ones they DID take, making it obvious that these works of art were taken by people who had no idea what they were taking.

In my retirement, I'd like to find out who took the pieces and close this case once and for all, but many think that the heist had ties to the Boston Mafia.  If that's the case, no one will ever find out what happened and I will choose a different retirement job.

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