Ever been driving down the road at night minding your own business, cranking The Shark, when a car comes speeding up behind you with their high beams on full blast?  I actually just had a conversation (literally minutes ago) about that very situation with a co-worker.  She has had a migraine for 3 days and this happend to her on the way into the office.  Extremely frustrating and painful, I'm sure.  What if there was a way to get them back, you know, a little revenge!?  There is!  This is the LuxBlaster.

It basically gives the driver behind you a dose of their own medicine.  Pretty cool invention, but I'm not sure how safe it is.  Blinding the person behind you after they just blinded you, doing 70 on the highway seems a bit risky to me, but as they say, "Revenge is sweet!"  I didn't understand the technical lingo this guy was using in the video, but I did understand, "Do not use it on the road."