If you scour the entire internet looking for the poor unfortunate souls that rooted against The New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, I guarantee you'll never see a video quite like this!

The calmness and sobriety of this fan reaction is very different than any other video of any Super Bowl party I've ever seen. It begins with about a minute left in regulation and the lack of cursing is very refreshing in today's day and age.

The worst language I could pick up on was the phrase 'this sucks' which is very tame for a fan of a team that just blew a 25 point lead, in 17 minutes, in front of 115 million people.

I've often accused the Atlanta Falcons fan base as being band wagoners who have no clue about their own roster.

However, the knowledge that is exhibited throughout this 20 minute stretch is quite impressive even though it is understandably sparse given the traumatic situation that is being recorded.

I initially watched this on YouTube to laugh at the misfortune of those who rooted against my team, yet this video has a very disarming quality to it.


If you really want to have that sweet, sweet feeling of schadenfreude, check out this article from Super Bowl XLIX!

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