So, it's official, the Raiders are moving to Vegas and there will be football on the strip beginning in 2020. This bit of news got me thinking...What if the Patriots left New England?

I know, I know, I don't like ugly thoughts like that seeping into my brain either, but it's an interesting question to ponder.

My initial inkling was, well, I'll go too! But after reality hit me in the face, I realized, that's not feasible. You can't quit your job, pack up the wife and kids and move because your favorite football team has relocated. Plus, you'd be leaving behind all of your other favorite sports teams. You can't say goodbye to the Sox, Bruins and Celtics to go root for the Patriots in some other place. Doesn't make sense.

So, do you choose another favorite team? HELL NO!! Not unless you have some sort of connection to another team, like if your son plays linebacker on said team, or for example, you lived in Michigan for 3 years at some point in your life, so you start cheering for the Lions. That I get, sort of.

Do you give up football? I almost didn't even write that because it's so absurd. NO.

I guess my answer would be to follow them from afar. I would have to purchase some sort of special cable package so that I could watch every game in it's entirety, probably pay a ton of money to watch the Pats for 4 hours a week, but I think that is what I would have to do if the Pats ever left New England.

Don't worry folks the Pats aren't leaving, they're busy getting ready to win another Super Bowl.


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