This time of year must be like Christmas to the auto mechanics who must be fixing flat tires, axles, and doing alignments at quite a pace.


The first part of my drive to work is in darkness, so it is tough to see those holes in the road until you're almost on top of them. When they are filled with rain water, it's almost impossible not to hit the potholes.

I've said it before, anyone who follows me at this time of the year must think I'm driving impaired as I dodge and weave my way through these minefields of potholes called roads.

The only relief on most roads is to drive directly down the center of the road. That's hard to do during the day, a bit easier at 3am.

Car repairs caused by potholes are just another extra expense we New Englanders have to pay each winter, along with heating our homes nine months of the year, extra car washes to get the salt and sand off, getting the driveway plowed, and so on and so forth.

If you don't live on a main road and notice a pothole, you should call your local Public Works department, as many of them rely on the public to get pothole information.

Until summer, each drive is like an obstacle course, with the prize being staying off the mechanic's lift.

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