Can you taste what The Rock is drinking? Actually, you can. Because apparently The Rock   (Dwayne Johnson for those pre-WWE fans) really loves him some Portland-based beer. Bissell Brothers took to Twitter on Thursday evening to announce that The Rock's assistant had shown up at their brewery, flashed credentials, and then took off with a bunch of Bissell's signature beer, The Substance.

Bissell admits in their tweet that there is an outside chance that they got played by some elaborate holiday hoax, then again, it just may be the truth that The People's Champion is ready to ring in the holidays crushing one of Maine's most popular craft beers.

For Bissell Brothers, this could mean that millions....and millions of The Rock's fans follow his lead to Maine in 2018 to try something The Great One enjoys...better start filling the bar of the Smackdown hotel while there's still time!

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