By now I am certain you have heard of 'deflate-gate.' The NFL is investigating the possibility that the Pats purposely used under-inflated footballs to gain some sort of advantage. Here at the Shark, we take accusations like this against our beloved Patriots quite seriously, so we deflated 'deflate-gate.'

This tells me that the second half was most likely played with a properly inflated football. I would think that the refs would monitor the balls closely after being made aware that there might be an issue. So lets assume during the 3rd and 4th quarters the ball was legal. The Patriots scored 28 points in the second half and the Colts scored ZERO.

Also, if the NFL does find that footballs were not properly inflated, it does not necessarily mean that it was purposely done. From what I have read, air temperature can cause the ball to over or under inflate.

Bottom line, the Patriots destroyed the Colts in the AFC Championship game and under-inflated balls had nothing to do with it.


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