Just like I told you last week, Bonner Bolton was bounced! I've never had a season like this one, while not quite perfect, I've only had 3 incorrect weeks? And I can almost guarantee that the following 'Star' will finish in 4th place next week.

Eliminated Next Week Prediction:

2013 World Series Champion Red Sox Catcher David Ross

His enthusiasm and charming 'everyman' personality has carried David further than he could ever hope due to his average dancing prowess. Unfortunately, next week Mr. Ross will reach the end of the road.

In past seasons, I couldn't predict weekly eliminations BUT my ability to foresee the order of the final three is downright uncanny.

THIS YEAR the opposite may hold true as Normani Kordei, Rashad Jennings and Simone Biles are all very worthy of hoisting The Mirrorball Trophy.

I'm going to have to wait until next Monday before I can get a grip on my high powered Nostradamus like abilities of supernatural precognitive thought.

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