Throughout the ages, many oracles have been misunderstood as to what their message really is, perhaps 'TSPPG' should be taken as such.

Train Images
Train Images

Or, perhaps it should be taken out back to the dumpster and never heard from again!

It's 'prediction' of The Houston Texans as our next opponent on Sunday, January 13th was about as wrong as a any non-mystical piece of pressed fiberboard can be, in fact Houston easily had the worst showing of all AFC Wildcards.

Now, The Pats will face Philip Rivers and the 13-4 L.A. Chargers.

Since 'The Sharps' in Las Vegas tend to predict the outcomes of games a lot better than disembodied sharpies in a NH radio studio, I'm happy to report that our beloved Pats  are currently a 4 and a half point favorite over Los Angeles.

I wouldn't be overlooking this team however as their defense has VASTLY improved since the days when they had to travel from San Diego. And Rivers is tough as nails as will not be intimidated by any 'Patriots mystique'.

As always, all the action will be broadcast right here on The Shark!

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