According to a story from Seacoast Online, the McDonald's on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth, NH will be closing for several weeks.  Larry Johnson, the Manager of the location, according to the story, said that they are going to renovate the exteriors, dining rooms and the bathrooms.  The Greenland location also had recent renovations.

The menu at McDonald's, to the best of my knowledge, will stay the same.  I breathe a big sigh of relief for that!  You can mess with a lot of things, but don't mess with the two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onionls on a sesame seed bun.  I've been on a diet and would pay 3x as much as the asking price for one of those!

Looking forward to the grand re-opening of McDonald's in March or April, the report says, when they plan on giving a donation to a local school or non-profit organization.  By the way, the Play Place wasn't mentioned in the article, but I'd like to think that they clean those balls from time to time anyway.  You gotta keep the balls clean, after all.

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