Going back 16 years now, the Psychic Pats Greaseboard has always predicted The Patriots upcoming opponent with uncanny accuracy. This year it has selected Houston!

Train Images
Train Images

For those of you who may be saying, 'Houston? Again?', I'll admit it does seem like New England faces off against them in The AFC Divisional every year. But they have only done this in 2013 and 2017.

As for the artistic flair of The Psychic Greaseboard? To be honest, I think the shadow of my left hand that was mistakenly captured in this photo, is a more accurate depiction of the Houston team logo.

Keep in mind, the accuracy of The Greaseboard should NOT be judged by the illustration of the opponent, but by IF that opponent actually survives The Wild Card round to face New England.

All Houston has to do is beat Indianapolis on their home field and they'll be coming to Foxboro on Sunday, January 13th!

Go Pats!

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