Calling in during a Holiday week AND while recovering from knee surgery, TC delivers an excellent 'Pats Insider' take on what happens when opponents face Belichick in the postseason.

Train Images
Train Images

Here is the censored, diplomatic and dignified version of this quote in block quotes below.

"They do stupid things, how many times have we seen the other teams just sort of, I don't want to say anything vulgar, but let's just say they 'have an accident' on the other side as Belichick stares his laser beams across the field.' - Tom Caron

For the uncensored podcast version, TC gives you that rendition (at 2:59) in the audio above.

Tom Caron's view of the Patriots chances are very similar to my own, despite how they've played, there's a good chance they'll STILL be in The AFC Championship Game and if the Pats are ever an underdog?

The last thing anyone outside of New England wants to see is Tom Brady and company competing with a bulletin board full of material shouting about their demise.

As TC might say, their opponents will certainly 'have an accident' yet again.

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