I'm glad to see that, according to WMUR, there will finally be an Official State Memorial to The Old Man of The Mountain after over FIFTEEN years have gone by since his collapse in 2003.

This is a MAJOR hot button issue among Granite Staters, not because of the financial implications, but more on the issue of humor.

I am among the minority of people who feel that our State Symbol for over 200 years, crumbling to the ground into a pile of indistinguishable rubble, is one of the funniest things ever.

I have located several people who feel similarly, but those who think that the effects of gravity and time on a mountainside is an absolute tragedy? Many of them think that I'm a horrible person for howling with delight.

I visited The Old Man a few times as a kid and always thought it was really cool symbol of our State and will definitely visit the Memorial when it finishes in 2020.

It's just going to be really difficult for me to not giggle slightly while I'm there.

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