Behold! This 3 month old Labrador Retreiver/Weimaraner is The Shark's Pet Of The Month for June. His cuteness is undeniable and he already has a favorite hobby, even though he is still quite young.

The Coco Photo Archives
The Coco Photo Archives

His favorite thing to do ever,is to chew everything and anything!  - Kortnee 'Parent Of Coco'

If you are ever in the Berwick area and happen to see acres and acres of heavily chewed real estate, fear not, it is only the handy work of our most recent champion of the pet world.

In an effort to defend Coco, I can only point to his heritage.

As a half Lab and half Weimaraner mix, utilization of his teeth is of utmost importance.

On the labrador side, his ancestors were trained to grab waterfowl and rewarded with treats during their instruction.

Weimaraners were also hunting dogs, but their prey was much more fierce. They would assist in the hunting of wild boar, deer and even bear!

I have to imagine one has to have a strong bite and not be afraid to use it if bear hunting was on your list of activities for hundreds of years.

Coco (and his family) will be thrilled to find a great assortment of the finest chew toys at Pet Supplies Plus in Somersworth!

I'm sure they'll put that $50 Gift Card that Coco won, to good use, and purchase some things that were MEANT to be chewed, giving relief to many inanimate objects in the Berwick, Maine area.

Congratulations Coco!

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