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Where Do You Want To Go This Summer?

So many places to go!  If you have $500 in gas cards, where would you go?  You could do the incredibly frugal thing and just keep them to use in your day-to-day activities, but why not take a road trip?  The world is opening up!  You could take a stay-cation or travel across the country!

How Much Gas Would You Need To Travel Cross Country?

There's a cool calculator that will figure that out for you.  Miles to Gallons calculator will tell you how much money you will need to go from Boston to wherever you'd like to go.  They don't have every city listed, so you'll have to factor in how much gas you will need to get to Boston, but it's a pretty cool tool.  For instance, if you wanted to go from Boston to Cheyenne, Wyoming, you would only use $192 worth of gas, assuming that gas is $3.00 per gallon!

Gas Out West is REALLY Expensive

We should be happy that here in NH, the majority of gas stations are still selling gas at less than $3.00.  It's close, but most of them are still under three bucks.  In California, the average cost for a gallon of gas is $4.21, according to gasbuddy.  

Remember Gas Prices From Last Year?

In May of 2020, according to Gasbuddy.com, a gallon of gas was $1.74.  One dollar and seventy-four cents.  Wow.  Looks like we are going to need all the help we can get with prices like this!

Hit the road this Summer with us!  After all, we are your official vacation station, 102-1 and 105-3, The Shark!

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