I can't believe I actually found footage of 'Uncle Gus' hosting 'The Uncle Gus Show' on WMUR-TV back in the 1970's. I was on that show and I won quite a prize for solving a word scramble!

There he is! Believe it or not, in this day and age,  it is nearly impossible to find any video footage of 'Uncle Gus' hosting this Granite State kids show.

The two pieces of video that I've found feature Channel 9's Steve Thomas who was the show's resident magician. He must have filled in for Uncle Gus during vacations.

It's funny how you remember (or misremember) things. I remember being in a large wooden bleacher styled bench with what seemed like 60 other kids. It appears that it was only a dozen or so folding chairs.

My anagram wizardry of unscrambling the word 'PEAR' resulted in an amazing prize! A pair of passes to Weirs Beach Water Slide in Meredith NH!

It no longer exists.


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