Just a little warning to stay away from this 'junction of dysfunction' and seek alternate routes when travelling in Dover NH. And a tip on what to do if you're stuck there for infinity.

Never Green

The Junction of 6th Street and Whittier

If you're headed northbound on Whittier Street, you're in luck! It is stuck on 'GO' and therefore, smooth sailing to all that encounter it.


Anyone trying to proceed in any other direction? You better bring a Snickers.

All red, all the time.

This is my one pet peeve about The Garrison City.

As a lifelong resident of neighboring Rochester, we pride ourselves on how many stoplights we have. In fact, during my commute every morning I go through SEVEN Rochester stoplights in less than 2 miles.

But, I hardly notice them. Because they all work properly!

It's only in Dover where I find myself mired in frustration, staring up at a red light that will not sense that my car is there.

I've had it happen at the junction of Central Ave and Third Street and for YEARS at the southbound ramp at Exit 7 (Sawyer Mill).

I don't know if this is a software problem with the sensor under the asphalt or a problem with the light itself. But I'm going to give you my tip on how to go through it.

Count to thirty, then proceed carefully.

Not only does this give you a great excuse if you have incredibly bad luck and are then pulled over for running the red light. But it also does wonders in calming down any road rage that may have built up over the past minutes as your stuck there!

The City Of Dover is usually pretty good about either replacing or rebooting the light within a day or two.

But in the meantime, I wish they would call the City Of Rochester and make the switch to whatever supplier they have for stoplights.

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