Want to get aged real quick? The original Home Alone movie where the McAllister Family flies to Paris and forgets Kevin in the attic was released in 1990.

32 years ago.

And it's still arguably one of the most popular Christmas movies to this day. Hell, the Freeform channel has been playing it every weekend almost on a loop. But for as long as it's been out and as many times as we've watched it, it took over three decades to start a debate with a local spin.

Is the old neighbor a Mainer?

MulaMovieclips via YouTube / Thang Nguyen via YouTube
MulaMovieclips via YouTube / Thang Nguyen via YouTube

Old Man Marley in Home Alone

In Home Alone, we're first introduced to the McAllister's neighbor, Old Man Marley, in a scene where Kevin's older brother, Buzz, tells the legend of Marley. Long story short, according to Buzz, Marley kills people with shovels and stuffs their bodies in a trash can full of salt that he then uses to treat the sidewalks.

But a Mainer named Ben Bragdon, who is an editorial page editor for Central Maine News, brought up a killer (no pun intended) point the other day on his Twitter page, linking Marley and Maine.

And with that one question, the floodgates opened in the comments section. And it seems like the general consensus is that Old Man Marley reeks of Mainer.

"He's always looked and sounded just like my uncle, a Mainer." - Ben Pinette


"Looks like an old Maine ship captain, doesn’t he?" - Susan Falvey


"Strong lighthouse keeper vibes, for sure." - Spinster Emily


"Ayuh." - j. malloy


Old Man Marley Actually Has New England Ties

The most interesting part may be the fact that Marley, or at least the actor that played him, has ties to New England. In the comments section, a woman named Emily Yuodsnukis actually thought Marley went to her college.

"In college, I was led to believe this man was an alum of my university. I have since discovered he did not in fact have any connection to the University and actually went to Harvard. Never been so disappointed in my life."

And according to IMDb, Roberts Blossom -- the man who played the iconic Old Man Marley in Home Alone -- was not only born in New England (New Haven, Connecticut) but also, as Emily mentioned, attended Harvard.

Consider us as shocked as Kevin McAllister putting on aftershave.

So is Old Man Marley a relocated Mainer?

I mean, don't we all know a Mainer that looks sweet enough to salt sidewalks for neighbors but also quite possibly could be a serial killer, bub?

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