Every now and again everyone needs to just relax. You could pour yourself a nice glass of wine and binge on the past 352 episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" or, why not try something different that sounds amazing right here on the Seacoast of NH: Float away the stress in a giant saltwater tank.

One of the greatest things on the planet is floating in salt-water, but really, even though we live on the seacoast, how often do we actually DO that? Not as often as I would like, that's for sure. If you do get the chance to take that dip in the Atlantic, many times, the water is not very warm at all, even in the middle of summer. Every New Englander knows this, so I was very happy to discover Flote.

Flote is in Hampton, and not only do you have the opportunity to float in a perfect atmosphere with about 1,000 pounds of epsom salt in the water, according to their website, but you can also get a massage, acupuncture, yoga and many other services.

Speaking of massage, the last one I got was less than satisfactory. I know... first world problems, right? The massage therapist kept talking to me while I was on the table! If I am getting a massage, the LAST thing I want to do is talk. I talk for a living. I don't want to tell you anything about my life and no offense, I don't want to hear anything about yours.

After the massage, at some point, if you want to go for a drink, I'm game, but during that time, shhhhhhhhh...... Relaxation in progress.

Everyone has to take care of themselves, so why not try this flotation thing - indoors. But, if I go for a massage, I'm going to say, "please, no talking."

Would you try floating in a salt water tank?

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