This morning, after the last Shark Week broadcast, I decided to dip my toes in to the water.  The SALT water, that is!


Recently, I've heard that drinking salt water could be good for you.  Not the kind that I swam in a couple hours ago, but something called SOLE water.  It's made with natural salt and it's apparently really good for you.

According to the alternative daily, drinking warm salt water could help with a lot of things like hydration, digestion, better sleep, bone health and mineral balance.  But you can't just drink salt water out of the ocean, you'll get sick, you have to use natural salt and let it sit.  The Alternative Daily gives out this recipe for Sole water, pronounced so-LAY water:

1. Fill a quart-size mason jar one-third full with unrefined, natural salt.

2. Fill the jar with filtered water, leaving two inches at the top.

3. Cover the solution with a plastic (not metal) storage cap.

4. Shake and let it sit for 24 hours.

5. Check in 24 hours to see if all salt crystals are dissolved, and add a little more salt.

6. When the salt no longer dissolves, the Sole is ready.

7. Store covered on a counter or in a cupboard. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the Sole will help make it last indefinitely.

A recipe for water....  sigh.  I'll probably try it too!

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