There is nothing wrong with a restaurant being open on Christmas.

I’ll repeat that: there is nothing wrong with a restaurant being open on Christmas.

Nor is there any reason to be sad, depressed or ashamed about going to a restaurant on Christmas. (Who knows? If you live on the North Shore of Massachusetts, you might even bump into Newbury native John Cena at a favorite Route 1 haunt.)

The restaurant is open for a reason. You are not “alone on Christmas”; you are out with others to enjoy a meal – and there’s a good chance you’ll make a new friend or two. (But if that’s not your thing? No biggie. They’ll still be happy to serve you.)

I feel compelled to remind readers of this after doing some research to see what Seacoast restaurants are open on Christmas Day. I popped into a couple local Facebook groups where the question had already been asked and observed many responses were, well…Facebooky.

It seemed there were many loudly clamoring against anything being open on Christmas Day. The sentiment was largely the same: “Shame on restaurants that are open on Christmas! Their kitchens and waitstaffs should have a day off to spend with family!"

Okay. But…what about people who are without family and loved ones for one reason or another? Shouldn’t they be able to be with people on what isn’t always a happy day?

Conversely…perhaps people who clamor for restaurants to be closed are among the kitchen or waitstaff who want to spend time with family.

Either way...maybe we all just stay in our own Santa Claus Lane when it comes to ethics of Christmas dining.

Sadly, a mainstay for locals who like to dine out on Christmas will be closed on Christmas Day to allow its staff a much-deserved rest.

The Roundabout Diner in Christmas will be dark on December 25th, but offers special Christmas take-out menu so you can enjoy its food at home.

But several other Seacoast establishments will open their doors to holiday patrons.

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