There are two Seacoast properties that have just been added to the NH Registry of Historic Places, according to an article in the Union Leader.

A property that has historical significance may be listed in the Registry through an application process at  If a property is listed in the Registry, property owners can become advocates for resources to protect the property's rich history if the property is being threatened by government land sales or transportation projects, according to

The most recent additions to the registry include the Lee Library, 9 Mast Road, Lee, NH.  According to the Union Leader article, the Lee Library was first a schoolhouse in 1987.  The building has since served as the town library and community meeting space.  The other building is the Stratham Town Hall that was built in 1877 for government business and social use.

Although those dates are a long time ago, they are really very young when compared to buildings in Europe.  I remember when I went to England not long ago, there were buildings that are still standing that were literally were built in 10-something.  TEN something.  Blew my mind that they still stand!  The one that I am thinking of is in the Tower in London.  Talk about History!

When I went to Ireland, same thing.  I actually stayed in a B&B were Oliver Cromwell stayed in the 1600's.  This place was rumored to be haunted and there were some really freaky things that happened!  Ghosts were roaming all over that place.

Anyway, congratulations to the Lee Library and Stratham Town Hall.  Here in the Northeast, we have more history of our Country, then any other part of the U.S.!

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